What is CashCrate?

So, what exactly is CashCrate?
Well, CashCrate is a GPT (Get-paid-to) site. You basically complete offers - which are completely free - and get credited for it. These offers can range from a measely 0.10$ to 2.00$. Once you reach the minimum payout of 20$, CashCrate will send you a lovely check in the mail on the 20th of the following month. Along with cash offers though, you can also complete offers for points, which after having accumulated enough you can redeem your points for prizes such as gift cards, or some popular electronic devices (such as a camera, iTouch, ps3 etc...).
Now, filling out offers isn't the only way to make cash with CashCrate. CashCrate also has a referral system which, if you put the effort into, can make you a fair amount of money. Click here to learn more about the referral system.